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Telemotive Transmitter Trade Up Program

MENOMONEE FALLS, Wis. - February 15, 2004 - Telemotive's new Transmitter Trade Up Program allows you to trade in older Telemotive membrane and/or pendant style transmitters for new, technologically advanced telePilot or telePendant Transmitters at significant savings.

Telemotive's next generation telePilot and telePendant transmitters are more durable, more ergonomic, and with our powerful new software, more flexible than their predecessors.

  • Telemotive's new designs use an electronic synthesizer to generate 29 different frequencies, which eliminates the need for fragile crystals.
  • With memory banks and programmability, these new transmitters are universal spares.
  • Standard AA batteries provide up to 80 hours of continuous button pressed transmission (actual battery life much longer).
  • Longer life disposable lithium and rechargeable lithium ion batteries are optional.

You get a new transmitter at a significant savings, PLUS a new one-year warranty. Offer available for a limited time only. For more information, contact the Telemotive Service department at 888-687-4400 or your Telemotive sales representative today.

Media Contact:
Lynn Bostrom
Director, Marketing Communications
(262) 252-2903

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