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Magnetek Receives Patent for Hoist Synchronization Drive Software

MENOMONEE FALLS, Wis. - January 19, 2004 - Magnetek's Electromotive Systems division today announced it has been awarded a patent for their Hoist Synchronization drive software for use in controlling multiple hoist motors. The hoist synchronization software package allows up to seven slave VFD driven motors to be synchronized to a master encoder signal using Magnetek's Electromotive Systems IMPULSE® Variable Frequency Drive. A Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is no longer necessary. The "master" IMPULSE drive provides a pulse reference to a "slave" encoder that commands the motor's speed. The slave IMPULSE drives monitor the pulse feedback from both the master and slave encoders, allowing the slave to compensate for any position errors by adjusting its motor's output speed. The result is perfect alignment between the system master motor and the slave. Additionally, when utilizing the new hoist software, the slave variable frequency drive possesses the ability to automatically resynchronize with the master hoist. Automatic resynchronization can be used in multiple configurations. Multiple Masters can also be used even if they have different gear ratios than the slaves.

For additional information on the features and benefits of Magnetek's Hoist Synchronization software available in IMPULSE Series 2 Drives, please contact the Electromotive Systems Controls Sales Department at 1-800-288-8178. Electromotive Systems, a division of Magnetek, Inc., is a leading designer and manufacturer of motor controls, radio remote controls and electrification products for overhead material handling industry.

Media Contact:
Lynn Bostrom
Director, Marketing Communcations
(262) 252-2903

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