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Weight Measurement System (WMS) Software
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Weight Measurement System (WMS) combines the functions of Load Summing and Weight Measurement II in a convenient single custom software.  WMS can be used with IMPULSE®•VG+ Drives* to measure and sum loads across multiple hoists without the need for a PLC and detects overloads on individual or multiple hoists.

Weight Measurement II
  • Calculates a load weight based on motor torque
  • Provides an alternative to a load cell (where absolute precision isn’t needed)
  • Continuously takes measurements while lifting without pausing
  • Detects hoist overload - configurable warning and fault points can be set
  • Displays weight on a score board, PLC or radio remote control screen via analog signal 
  • Easily enabled or disabled via a digital input

Load Summing
  • Configures each hoist as a percentage of total crane capacity
  • Each drive inputs the load sum from the previous drives, adds its own measured weight, and then passes the total to the next drive via an analog output. Any drive in the system will fault if the total is above the set threshold. 
  • Communicates between hoists via analog I/O
  • Displays a summed weight on a score board, PLC or radio remote control screen via analog signal
  • Can accept an analog input from an actual load cell

  • Offers increased safety by preventing a lift from overloading the crane system
  • Prevents wear and tear on equipment
  • Prevents damage to the crane structure
  • Saves time and money by eliminating the need for a PLC or additional hardware

Check out this short video for more information.

*Consult factory about retrofitting onto existing equipment.  


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