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Magnetek's heavy-duty, cost-effective Mondel brake product line is designed for industrial applications including overhead cranes, conveyors, hoists, bridges, turntables, fans, and winches. Our versatile brake accessories and finishing services enhance our high quality brakes to meet your unique application needs and simplify installation.

Angled, offset, and coupled brake wheels are available for 200S General Purpose Industrial Brakes and 300M AIST Mill Duty Brakes. Choose a brake wheel with a finished bore that is ready to install right on your equipment, saving time and labor, or select a cost-effective rough-bore option you can finish on-site. Magnetek can also provide dynamically balanced wheels to reduce equipment vibration. 

Coupled brake wheels are useful in situations where space is limited. These geared, flexible couplings eliminate the need for costly, double-shaft extensions on motors and gear boxes, and are pre-assembled to ensure an easy fit.

  • Manufactured from ductile-iron alloy
  • Completely machined to provide proper balance at normal operating speeds
  • Resistant to scoring
  • Wears smoothly and evenly
  • Offers Superior Torque
  • High thermal conductivity — dissipates heat from brake pads resulting in longer pad life

Magnetek brakes can be installed into protective brake enclosures, which guard against damage from dust and moisture and retain heat.

  • Manufactured from stainless steel
  • NEMA 3R standard
  • NEMA 4X available


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