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Legacy Product Manuals

Custom Engineered Radio Controls

Telemotive JLTX Lever and Joystick Replacement Instructions TCJLTX-2

Telemotive Series 18K JLTX BellyBox Servicing & User Manual 178-00988


Telemotive TR16 inteleSmart Receiver TCTR16-0

Telemotive Series 7000 TC7000-10-0.OF-Z

Telemotive Series 8000 TC8000-10.B

Telemotive Synthesized RF Receiver Supplement TC10KMOD-5


Telemotive telePilot Series Transmitters TX12M-1, -2 #TCTX12/TR12-0

Telemotive 10K Series Radios

Telemotive Series 10K6/9 21462T

Telemotive Series 10K12, 10K16, 10K24 TC10KMOD-0

Telemotive 10KM12 with FW2832-EPROM in Receiver CPU Board Supplemental Instruction Sheet TC10KMOD-6

Telemotive 10KM DC and Low Voltage AC Power Supply Boards-Setup InformationTC10117-0

Telemotive Appendix F-10K Stepless Electronic Transfer Switch TCK10KMOD-3

Telemotive 10K12 Receiver w/telePilot and telePendant Transmitters 30085T

Telemotive 10KM 16/24 Receiver Supplement for 3-Speed telePendant TCTX16_24M-1

10K JLTX Bellybox Transmitter TCJLTX-1

Telemotive Appendix D 10KM Stepless Systems TC10KMOD-1

Telemotive Buffer Trolley Lock-Down Unit 27714T

Telemotive 10K Receiver Change Notification 178-00954 

Telemotive Telemotion Radios

Telemotive teleMotion 3.2 Installation & User Manual 25727T

Telemotive teleMotion 3.2 Installation & User Manual, Australian Version 25748T

Telemotive AN102-0 Remote Antenna Kit for teleMotion 3.2 Installation Guide TC102-0

Battery Chargers

Telemotive MLTX, SLTX, and Pendant Chargers 178-00204

Telemotive Pendant Battery Charger General Precautions TC10670-1

Telemotive JLTX Battery Charger General Precautions TC10674-0

Telemotive Lead Acid Cell Battery Charger TC10695-0

PulseStar Radios

**IMPORTANT** The new PulseStar RF modules have an expanded Frequency Range;
along with this is a new channel numbering scheme. Click here for further details.

PulseStar®•609 900-4130

PulseStar®•610 900-4141

PulseStar®•610 Standard 900-4141

PulseStar®•jr. 206/306 (1997 Version) 900-4106

PulseStar®•jr. 206/306 (1999 Version) 900-4125

PulseStar®•jr. 310 (1997 Version) 900-4110

PulseStar®•jr. 310 (1999 Version) 900-4126

PulseStar®•jr. 314 (1997 Version) 900-4114

PulseStar®•jr. 314 (1999 Version) 900-4127

PulseStar®•jr. Series 2 153-10009

PulseStar®•.MRT 900-4128

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