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It's small but thinks big.

When you think big about your remote control needs, think small. Think telePilot. Magnetek brings you the most durable handheld transmitter on the market today.

  • Order telePilot pre-programmed from the factory to fit your application or customize it yourself via the optional Radio Control Programmer (RCP) and USB/IR Adapter
  • Ergonomically designed lightweight transmitter
  • 4-in-1 transmitter design support multiple cranes via a password protected access code
  • Extremely durable extruded aluminum transmitter housing
  • Available in three-motion, two-speed and three-auxiliary functions, or three-motion, two-speed one auxiliary function and A, A+, B or B+
  • Unit designed with sub-voltage technology providing a much longer operating life
  • Switches designed with a rated life of over one million operations

Radio Control Programmer (RCP) and USB/IR Adapter Package Option
  • Allows you to program system settings and do custom output mapping from your Windows PC 
  • Easily create and save your system configurations for future use 
  • Set up a spare transmitter with minimal effort 
  • Program on your PC or in standalone mode via the USB/IR Adapter 
  • Package includes a USB drive, activation code, USB cable, and User's Guide

Receivers Deliver Options You Want
  • Receivers available with various numbers of outputs
  • Optional pre-wired "pigtail" available so unit can be installed and wired quickly
  • Radio-ready transfer switch connections reduce installation time
  • Receiver design can be configured to be operated with up to eight transmitters
  • Internal master relay disable switch allows you to safely test the controls "live" without moving the crane
  • Fusing and suppression on all power and control lines - built for the harshest applications
  • Compact receiver design installs easily in the most confined spaces
  • Controller and diagnostic LEDs allow you to perform diagnostics without opening the receiver door
  • Available in 12 outputs
  • Synthesized RF - up to 31 operating channels

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